I have family who live in the Scottish Borders, near the Whiteadder River. It is a truly magical place and I love going to visit. On one of my many trips down to the river on a cold winters afternoon, I sat on the bank, the sun was at a low angle and perfectly silhouetted the grass and plants in front of me. I took a photograph, but like often happens, the image did not come close to capturing the real beauty which was in front of me.

A few weeks past and I kept thinking about that afternoon, I wanted to capture some of that beauty. This desire set me out on a journey to document the changing seasons on the wildflowers, plants and grasses to be found at a certain point on the banks of the Whiteadder River.

With this series of work, I want to capture the beauty of the mundane. Grasses, plants and flowers which are often overlooked when we are out for a walk. By taking them out of context and playing with scale, we see them in a new light. I want to encourage people to look down more, see what is by their feet and notice beauty in the everyday.





'Using her skill and creativity, Martha translated my original notion into a work of art which is admired and treasured. Guiding me through each step of the project brought as much joy as I now have, gazing on the artwork in the ever-changing light of the days and seasons.'


'We were lucky enough to be given as a gift the opportunity to commission Martha to create a woodcut drawing of our Devon village. This was a delightful experience for us – Martha is a pleasure to work with, responsive to ideas, good at interpreting even the most impractical of suggestions and incorporating it creatively into her design. The final product is a triumph and receives very positive comments from all our visitors.’




I ordered two bespoke cut-out drawing from Martha for special birthdays. Martha spent so much time making sure the final woodcut drawings were absolutely perfect, adding in even the tiniest detail to make sure they were exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to give them away as they looked so wonderful! Even now, two years later I get as much pleasure looking at them, noticing all the details, every time I look, I spot something new. They are a unique piece of art that will always be cherished. Thank you, Martha, for being so generous with your time and your talent.’



‘I just wanted to say the woodcut drawing is quite extraordinary, I can’t really tell you how special it is. You have turned thoughts into a beautiful work of art, so thank you. A lot, it’s really rather blown me away!’