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The photo shows the gable end of a building, on the wall is a large cale drawing by Martha Ellis. he drawing is of four sunflowers, a watering can, a wheelbarrow and gardenig folk. They are all cut from sheel and painted matt black.
This photo is of Martha Ellis as she standig in front of her drawing of four huge sunflowers which have been cut from sheet steel and painted black.

I thrive on the challenge of designing to a specification. All commissions are bespoke and made to your personal design brief therefore a consultation is offered to all clients to ensure that needs are fulfilled.


Commissions can vary from individual pieces for unique interior design visions, private collectors and large scale outdoor drawings and sculptures.

Commissioning artwork is a wonderful experience, being part of the journey and steps along the way really connects you to the art on a much deeper level. Please do have a look at the testimonials below from others who have commissioned me to make them a drawing. If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch, I love working on a commission so I hope to hear from you soon!

This is a blakc and white graphic drawing of a tree by Martha Ellis
This photo shows Martha Ellis laser bed as the laser cuts a drawing of a tree from light brown MDF wood
The photo shows the wall of a living room, there is the tree drawing designed and cut by Marth Ellis displayed on the wall alongside another piece of art



E-mail me through the contact page (or click here) to let me know you are interested in commissioning a piece of art.


You might know exactly what you want, or it could just be that you have a blank wall you need filling! The first step it to get in touch.



You will have an initial consultation with me (ideally in person/on location but can be over the phone or video call). During this conversation, I will ask lots of questions to find out what you are wanting from this process. From this consultation I will work on some design ideas and costings for the project. Prices will vary significantly depending on the size of work, material which it is being made from and complexity of idea. If you would like to visit my studio this is a great time to do so as it gives a good understanding of how the work is made.



There are two types of payment plan for commission:

Large scale commission is 40% for design stage, 40% for making the work and then 20% on delivery/collection of the work.

Small scale commission is 50% for design and construction of work and then 50% on delivery/collection of the work.

Once the first instalment is made, I will start work on designing the composition. This is when I do lots of pen sketches, take photos for research and come up with lots of different design ideas and options. Then on the computer I bring all the ideas together into one cohesive design.



During the second consultation I will show you the composition to check you are happy with how it is looking. If you have commissioned a large drawing or sculpture a maquette will be made for you to see the drawing in three-dimensions. Any changes which are required for the composition must be made at this stage as the drawing will be cut next!


Depending on your specification, the drawing will be cut either by laser or by hand from the required material. If you would like to come visit my studio during this time that would be wonderful! It is great for you to feel completely part of the commission process and seeing it in its different stages is all part of the joy!

For a large-scale commission the second instalment is due at this stage.



Once the work is made, we will arrange for to the work to be delivered and installed or for it to be collected from my studio. Final payment will also be paid at this stage.



'Using her skill and creativity, Martha translated my original notion into a work of art which is admired and treasured. Guiding me through each step of the project brought as much joy as I now have, gazing on the artwork in the ever-changing light of the days and seasons.'


'We were lucky enough to be given as a gift the opportunity to commission Martha to create a woodcut drawing of our Devon village. This was a delightful experience for us – Martha is a pleasure to work with, responsive to ideas, good at interpreting even the most impractical of suggestions and incorporating it creatively into her design. The final product is a triumph and receives very positive comments from all our visitors.’




I ordered two bespoke cut-out drawings from Martha for special birthdays. Martha spent so much time making sure the final woodcut drawings were absolutely perfect, adding in even the tiniest detail to make sure they were exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to give them away as they looked so wonderful! Even now, two years later I get as much pleasure looking at them, noticing all the details, every time I look, I spot something new. They are a unique piece of art that will always be cherished. Thank you, Martha, for being so generous with your time and your talent.’



‘I just wanted to say the woodcut drawing is quite extraordinary, I can’t really tell you how special it is. You have turned thoughts into a beautiful work of art, so thank you. A lot, it’s really rather blown me away!’



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